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Flexibility to fit your needs

Toyota Industries Commercial Finance (TICF) offers a multitude of lease options to meet every customer’s needs. Whether your business requires a short-term, long-term or flexible-term lease, TICF can meet your material handling and truck financing needs.

Consider these leasing options and decide which one is best for you and your business:

Benefits of Leasing

  • Use of equipment without the responsibility of ownership
  • Lowest fixed monthly payment
  • Ease, convenience, flexibility and dollar value
  • Only pay for the use of the equipment
  • Minimize increased maintenance costs on aged equipment
  • Use of current equipment technology + ergonomics
  • Planned replacement cycle increases uptime/productivity
  • Cash flow: conserve initial cash outlay; invest in core business
  • No responsibility to dispose of equipment
  • Tax advantages
  • Lease-end options: return, extend or purchase
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TICF Products

Capital Lease

  • Alternative to cash and Retail Installment Contracts
  • You can purchase equipment at the end of lease for a nominal amount
  • Ownership passes at end of lease term
  • Ideal for severe operating conditions

Closed End Operating Lease

  • Use the equipment for set term without full cost of ownership
  • Customized leasing programs for high and low hour applications
  • Option to extend or lease a new forklift at end-of-term

Line of Credit

  • Lines of credit are good for up to 12 months
  • Minimal credit review after initial approval
  • Can cover all equipment purchases from your local dealer

TRAC Lease

  • Allows you to have the residual value of the truck
  • Structure a payment plan optimized for your usage requirements and cash flow needs.
  • Multiple options at lease end, including acquiring the vehicle or having the vehicle sold.

* For Hino Trucks Only