Closed-End Operating Lease
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Customized leasing solutions

Under an Operating Lease, the customer obtains the right to use the equipment acquired from a dealer for a set term without taking on the full cost of owning the equipment.

  • Use the equipment for set term without full cost of ownership
  • Customized leasing programs for high- and low-hour applications
  • Option to extend or lease a new forklift at end of term


Benefits with all our products

All of our leases include a Master Lease which allows current and future equipment acquisition needs to be fulfilled under a single master lease agreement.  

  • Reduced documentation requirements
  • Multiple purchases over an extended period of time
  • Only one Master Lease agreement is required for line of credit

Combine our products to make them fit your specific needs

In addition to our great products, you can now combine any TICF lease to include our One-Pay, Skip-Pay or Flex-Lease products.



A customized payment schedule based on your business needs.

  • Payments can be matched to revenue streams or business cycles
  • Maintaining constant use of the equipment while making payments when it makes the most sense for your business
  • Most common in the agricultural sector, where growers and produce companies have high and low seasons

One-Pay Lease

The one-pay balloon lease product is an alternative for customers who are used to paying cash for their material handling equipment. Rather than making monthly payments like a traditional lease, make a one-time up-front payment, then have no monthly payments for the balance of the term and retain all of the benefits of our closed-end operating lease at end of term.

  • Keep cash available to reinvest in other areas
  • Keep current credit lines open
  • Reduced interest expense
  • No monthly invoices


The Flex-Lease Program offers customers a lease for a specific initial term with an option to renew for a subsequent term at predetermined lease payments. This program typically offers more customer savings than a standard lease.

  • Option to extend lease based on customer’s business needs
  • Ability to match specific lease periods with customer’s contract commitments
  • Structure a program that will adjust to anticipated market fluctuations
  • Multiple term combination options available
  • Sum of payments with a Flex Lease typically total less than that of a regular lease of the same combined term
  • Allows the ability to exercise an early lease termination without additional expense