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February 2024

Kyle Freeman has been a valuable Toyota Industries Commercial Finance (TICF) Associate for over seven years and is currently the Accounting & Tax Manager. 

choosing a career in tax:

“I chose tax because while I saw my mom work hard, she could always be there for us at every event. We enjoyed time together on family vacations and had a great life.” Following his mom’s footsteps, Kyle began his professional journey in public accounting.  In 2016, he made the switch and joined the corporate tax team at TICF as the Senior Tax Analyst.

experience at ticf:

Kyle has had the chance to witness TICF’s growth into the culture-driven company it is today. During his tenure, Kyle has embraced the many opportunities provided by TICF and grown his career within the company. Kyle is excited about the innovative trajectory of TICF and believes in the current leadership’s ability to take the company to the next level.

Kyle is grateful for a leader that recognizes his potential and supports his growth.  “My direct leader continues pushing me outside my comfort zone and supporting me while I learn new skills. Of course, stepping into uncharted territory is sometimes uncomfortable. Still, the positions I have been put into have helped me develop my career and grow professionally.”

Pictured Above: Kyle and His Wife, Rachel

LEADERSHIP approach:

As a team player, Kyle has a listen-to-learn mentality. He sees development as a two-way street. “I ask questions in areas that I am not as familiar with so I can get a better understanding. This helps as I work with my team to develop processes that ultimately make us more efficient and allow others to understand and jump into the content quickly.”

He believes he helps develop his team by working on developing himself and asking questions to better understand and learn in the areas he finds most challenging. This helps keep his role fresh and exciting.  Kyle appreciates that his team works well together, trusts each other, and wants to do a good job together.

Pictured Above: Kyle’s dog Hugo

favorite ticf core value:

“Be Faithful to Your Duties”.  Kyle has always taken great pride and ownership in his work. “Everything you do has your name on it and reflects you,” he says. In his role, he lives this value by exploring tax planning opportunities and ensuring compliance is always met, as it is crucial for any business to operate successfully.  Kyle takes his responsibility seriously and ensures that his team follows all the necessary compliance regulations for TICF to run smoothly and successfully.


Besides his wife, Kyle’s greatest love is their dog, Hugo, a two-and-a-half-year-old Goldendoodle. Hugo is named after their New Zealand wine bike tour guide Kyle and his wife met while on their engagement trip. When Kyle is not spending time with his wife and dog, he enjoys playing pickleball, basketball and PC games.