Be Kind and Generous

Always Strive to Build a Warm, Homelike Atmosphere

We all know there’s no place like home, but what if an organization could repurpose some of the tantalizing elements of home to create a more engaged and cohesive workplace?

Home is a place where you feel accepted, where there is mutual trust and partnership. That’s the sentiment behind “be kind and generous,” one of the core values at Toyota Industries Commercial Finance, Inc. (TICF).

However, the sentiment shouldn’t be interpreted to evoke an emotional atmosphere. Rather, it’s designed to explain how you should treat your teammates, similar to how families ideally interact at home. In addition to offering warmth and acceptance, families have a responsibility to recognize flaws and encourage improvement. Sometimes families bring up the tough stuff, knowing it’s not fun to hear or easy to address. Families also jump in when they see a member doing something harmful or dangerous. They care and ensure that no one is left behind.

At TICF, that means associates talk honestly and challenge each other to help the entire team be successful. It’s a two-way street that entails displaying grace when accepting criticism and appreciation when receiving bad news.

This precept also provides a roadmap to more successful collaboration, reminding associates to treat different departments with respect when working together. That might manifest itself, for example, by sharing information to save a colleague time. If you’re working on a cross-functional project, it could include making sure your business partner is aware of the big picture and mindful of time constraints, choosing mutually agreeable deadlines, and devising a fair division of the work.

“ A homelike atmosphere encourages all associates to show up authentically and perform to their highest ability.”

The best part about this core value is that it can be expressed in the smallest of gestures, such as the simple act of saying hello to colleagues as you pass them in the halls. A homelike atmosphere encourages all associates to show up authentically and perform to their highest ability.