Kits of Comfort For  The American Red Cross, The Community, and Team TICF

Giving back to the communities in which the Toyota Industries Commercial Finance (TICF) team members live and work is an integral part of the company culture; in the U.S. the month of April was National Volunteer Month and worthy of extra effort. Celebrating all the volunteers in our communities as well as encouraging volunteerism, April 22 was an ideal moment for some of our remote workforce to come together and honor one of Toyota’s founding principles—to contribute to society.

TICF has an established partnership with the Dallas chapter of the American Red Cross. Over the years TICF has participated in many programs, delivered financial support, and even a provided a forklift. Recently, members of the TICF team gathered to assemble comfort kits for the Armed Forces program of the American Red Cross.

The comfort kits, contain more than a dozen personal hygiene items including toothpaste and a toothbrush, soap, shampoo, and shaving gel. These kits may be the first small step back to recovery for individuals who have lost everything, or they may be a small comfort for a homeless veteran.

The American Red Cross Service to the Armed Forces program has provided care and comfort to members of the military for 140 years.  Today, this legacy continues as we support our nation’s service men and women, veterans, and their families by providing emergency services, supporting family resiliency, and providing care and comfort in military and veterans medical healthcare facilities. 

The TICF volunteers assembled in waves of COVID-safe teams and used the Toyota Production System to devise a process to quickly assemble the kits without coming into contact with each other. One team assembled 154 kits in 15 minutes!

“My personal belief is that our purpose in living is to take care of each other, to give back in gratitude for what we’ve been given.  So, while it was fun to do something together after more than a year apart, and to be on the more successful team, for me, we all win with this effort and activities like this. I am so proud to work at a company with values that align with mine, that is focused on caring for others, and a company with values that stay true, pandemic or not.”

Ernestine Williams, TICF Operations Support Specialist

TICF is here for North Texas, the American Red Cross, and for each other. We’re all in this together. #Contribute #Comfort #ARC