Sounding the alarm for Fire Safety Education

Toyota Industries Commercial Finance teams up with the American Red Cross and the North Texas Food Bank to deliver fire safety resources and food to local families this May in Lancaster, Texas.

Toyota Industries Commercial Finance is proud to support the American Red Cross drive to promote home fire safety education and meal kit delivery this May in Lancaster, Texas. The event is part of a national effort to educate 100,000 people about home fire safety in high-risk neighborhoods.

“Home fires remain the most frequent disaster during COVID-19, yet most of us don’t realize we have just two minutes to safely escape,” said Keith Rhodes, CEO of the American Red Cross North Texas Region. “As families spend more time at home during the pandemic, it’s critical that we help our vulnerable neighbors protect themselves from these everyday disasters.”

The American Red Cross and the North Texas Food Bank are two organizations with which Toyota Industries Commercial Finance has established partnerships, delivering meal kits, conducting peanut butter drives, offering financial support, and even donating a forklift in the five years the company has been in Texas.

The two nonprofits are also meeting virtually with families across the region to review fire safety information and plan to provide free smoke alarm installations when it is safe to do so.

You can help protect your family against home fires by taking two simple steps: 1) practice your two-minute escape drill and 2) test your smoke alarms monthly. Visit for more information and to pledge to prepare your family against home fires.

In April, company team members also supported the North Texas Food Bank and the American Red Cross by participating in the Cards for Hope Program and providing 300 assembled comfort kits, respectively.

TICF is here for North Texas, the American Red Cross, and for each other. We’re all in this together. #EndHomeFires #Food4Families #Contribute2Society

Read the American Red Cross Press Release regarding this upcoming event.