I have been working at TICF for a little over a month as a funding intern, and in such a short time the team has already left a positive impression on me. Everyone at TICF is helpful, whether they are in my department or within the larger organization. I have been learning the ins and outs of our business cycle and found that no question goes unanswered. If there is no immediate solution, we brainstorm together to find a solution that works.

One of the best things about working at TICF is the abundance of opportunities here. One, in particular, is a standout: I had lunch with our amazing CEO, Mark Taggart. He was so welcoming to me and my fellow interns. I could tell that the welcoming environment is part of the culture at TICF as it flows from the CEO down to the entire TICF team. This environment has helped spark collaboration through teamwork.

Through the team’s encouragement I am eager to learn as much as I can during my short time with TICF. I plan to meet with different departments to learn more about their teams, department objectives, and ultimately TICF as a whole. I look forward to these conversations as they will provide me with a better understanding of each department as I consider the type of career I ultimately decide to pursue after graduating college.

Another one of my favorite things about working at TICF is the hybrid work model. This model has been perfect for easing back into normalcy while continuing to be able to connect on days that are established as work from home. I am enjoying my time at TICF so far and cannot wait to see what the next six weeks have in store.