The Intern INSIGHT

At TICF, we invest in the future through our combined, dedicated focus on continuous improvement or Kaizen. Kaizen is a way of life for our associates and is practiced by everyone each day. As we continue our journey of growth, development, and ongoing process improvement, we are pleased to welcome three interns to the TICF team this summer.

Join us each week as we learn about our amazing summer interns and their experiences at TICF.


Introducing Matt Rocha: Accounting Intern

I’m Matt Rocha, and I’m an Accounting intern. I am a rising junior majoring in accounting at University of Texas at Arlington. My goal is to graduate and attain my CPA certification. I chose to intern at TICF because the company is well known, and there is a great opportunity to learn from experienced associates.

When I first arrived at TICF, with my limited experience in accounting beyond what I learned in my classes, I was nervous about being able to contribute to such a large company. However, the team has been welcoming, and I have been able to dive in and help on projects! The internship is bridging the gap between school and professional experience.


Introducing Yash Patel: Accounts Receivable Intern

I’m Yash Patel, and I’m an Accounts Receivable intern. I am a rising junior majoring in finance and business analytics at Indiana University. I chose to intern at TICF because I want hands-on professional experience in the finance industry. Through my internship, I hope to continue to build my network and cultivate professional relationships. Additionally, I hope to deepen my technical knowledge of analyzing and managing financial operations and transactions at a financial services company.

I’ve enjoyed my first month as an intern. The culture at TICF is very welcoming, and everyone I have met has been very kind! I feel like I can ask questions to my team leader, Rafael, or anyone else on the team. Everyone is open to helping me learn and grow.


Introducing Lizz Del Cid: Funding Intern

I’m Lizz Del Cid, and I’m a Funding intern. I am a rising senior majoring in entrepreneurship at the University of North Texas. I chose to intern at TICF because I am interested in learning more about its specific business cycle. I’m looking forward to seeing how everything connects to create the full customer experience.

During my first month as an intern, I have quickly grown to appreciate the Toyota culture. Everyone that I have met has been incredibly kind and patient. They have all been open, helpful, and responsive to my questions and have ensured me that there are no bad questions.