Many people know the Toyota brand through vehicles. They associate Toyota with reliability and trust. When I first applied for the internship, I was not familiar with TICF, but the Toyota association piqued my interest. After researching TICF and going through the interview process, I eagerly accepted the offer to learn from a large company and gain great experience that would support me in my accounting career.

I have been impressed with TICF since day one. On my first day, my manager outlined a plan for my internship—from learning how to process invoices for different departments to assisting with updating the general ledger. The detailed instructions and outline provided me with a chance to learn and succeed. So far, I have connected with different departments to gain a better understanding of how a captive finance company works. Additionally, I interact daily with CPAs. This is helpful to my work at TICF as well as my future career by asking questions about the day-to-day tasks they complete and advice for my future.

Two other great aspects of TICF are its size and the structure of the company. While TICF has the makeup of a large business, the environment is collaborative. I can walk from department to department and connect with other associates. This enables me to learn from managers and associates from other departments such as Tax, Major Accounts, and Auditing. As I approach graduation, many people ask which area of accounting I will pursue. Hearing from these associates from different areas offers me beneficial insight to so that I can choose which area to pursue in my own career.

The real-life advice and day-to-day experiences in the corporate accounting world are invaluable.

While textbooks and homework give me a general understanding of accounting, seeing how accounting works in the corporate world is important. Interacting daily with the accounting team offers opportunities beyond the classroom. I enjoy assisting with financial reporting; it gives me an understanding of the profession and a greater sense of the road to success as an accountant. The real-life advice and day-to-day experiences in the corporate accounting world are invaluable and will stay with me.

Finally, the culture at TICF is amazing. Every associate I interact with is easy to talk to and eager to answer any questions. There are also events encouraging inclusivity and open dialogue for all associates. From a leadership perspective, I personally met many of the executives. They have taken the time to get to know me and show an interest in my early accounting career. The hybrid work model has been an adjustment but at the same time has been helpful: being in the office makes it easier to form connections and meet new people. Building personal relationships is important to me. Working from home allows me to avoid the stresses of commuting to work. It’s the best of both worlds!