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TICF Intern journey
chad ashimine’s thoughts on his first 30 days

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Now that I have worked at TICF for one month, I have been able to learn about the Treasury, Credit Approval, and Funding departments. My task for the summer is to map out some of the different processes in each area, create a narrative, and find potential areas of risk within each process.

In virtual meetings with managers and supervisors we covered the big question of WHY. Why do we do it this way? Setting up my own meetings via Microsoft Teams and Skype was intimidating in the beginning, but as the days and weeks go by, I am becoming more comfortable. I really appreciate how helpful and patient my TICF colleagues have been with me throughout this first month. As a visual learner, it has been beneficial for my narrative completing side by side with the associates, watching them go through their processes.

Even though this internship has been remote, I still get the experience of jumping from meeting to meeting, I just do not have to leave my seat. I do wish we were able to work in a traditional office environment, but overall, I think Toyota has made the best of the situation. During this pandemic is a time where companies are at their lowest, but it is almost as if TICF has not missed a beat. The way the leaders and managers are still able to come together online and figure out how to lead their teams is inspiring.

Toyota does not see me as an intern but as an associate and as a part of their family.  They even mailed me a summer care package with TICF branded sunglasses, sunscreen, and a beach towel.

The first 30-days has gone by in a blink of an eye, and it has been an amazing experience thus far.