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TICF Intern Journey:  Chad’s Final Reflections on His Virtual Internship

These past three months flew by. I am the last TICF intern left now that the others finished their presentations and are getting ready to start school again.

The other interns made my experience that much more enjoyable. I loved how diverse our group was and how well we connected with each other and I am grateful for the bond that we were able to create even though we never had the chance to meet each other in person. It was nice knowing that we could reach out via group FaceTime or in Microsoft Teams to de-brief from everything that was going on in our lives.

As I previously shared, one of my biggest takeaways from this internship was the importance of financial literacy and how to prepare for an interview. This was such valuable advice for a recent graduate and are skills that are not often taught in school.

I learned a lot about myself during this internship and the personal and professional growth has shaped me into a better version of myself. There are still many lessons and skills to be learned but I feel extremely well-equipped to start the next step in my professional career. TICF is such a wonderful company, anyone who has the chance to be an intern here should know that you are in good hands and the team has a vast array of knowledge ready to pass on to you.