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TICF Intern Journey: Chad’s Key Takeaways From A Virtual Summer Intern Experience

As the end of my TICF summer internship approaches, I want to share how being exposed to the Toyota culture has been such an amazing experience.

The Toyota Way is based on continuous improvement and respect for people which TICF has shown me firsthand. I feel grateful and spoiled that I got to work for TICF because they set the standards high and wherever I work next, I expect nothing less than what I have experienced this summer.

One of the many reasons I enjoyed my internship experience was the dedication to personal development and skill building to help me in my professional career.  As interns, we all participated in a PXT assessment, which is an on-line tool measuring an individual’s behaviors, interests, and cognitive abilities.  After receiving my own PXT results and feedback, I now have a greater understanding of my strengths and which skills I want to further develop to help me grow in my career. I have used my free time to meet with managers across different departments to introduce myself, better understand their processes at a high level, and get valuable career advice for a recent graduate.

Through this internship, I have expanded my knowledge of what working at a captive finance company entails. I learned to step out of my comfort zone by setting up meetings with business owners and asking questions. I learned tricks and tips for using Visio, but one of the biggest takeaways was having meetings on financial literacy and interviewing. This is something they do not teach you in school but is important to understand for professional and personal development.

I have established a variety of business skills as well as life skills that will help me along the way as I embark on the next step in my career and I have TICF to thank for that.