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TICF INTERN Journey: find out what chad has discovered so far this summer


I have reached the halfway point of my TICF internship and have been working on a project to create narratives and Microsoft Visio maps for the Treasury Funding, Retail Credit Approval, and Retail Funding departments. This project overall has given me a better understanding of the business allowing me to learn the in’s and outs of each department.

Treasury Funding is an umbrella over the departments, Treasury Operations, and Treasury Risk & Capital Markets. Retail Credit Approval includes credit investigators, credit specialists, and credit analysts. And Retail Funding is split between contract analysts, operations support specialists, and funding administrators. I am focusing on the different systems utilized and if they are working cohesively together, the associates’ pain points, any deficiencies, and how we can make the process more efficient with fewer errors made.

I am so grateful for all my fellow team members who throughout the process have been approachable, thoughtful, and punctual in their responses. They have been crucial to my success in creating the narratives and made my time working here that much easier. It has also been a pleasant experience to able to build relationships with associates amongst the different departments and I truly feel as if I am part of this Toyota Family. Given these narratives and maps will be passed to the selected business owners who will then take responsibility for them when the internship concludes, this partnership approach is key to the long-term success of the project and ensuring the work lives on.

As someone who just graduated college and is new to the workforce, this internship has expanded my knowledge for working at a captive finance company, and if this is something that could be added to my career path. The knowledge and attributes I obtain from this experience will be applicable in any work environment I am exposed to in the future.

Time is flying by and I look to use every bit of it to its fullest, as I continue to be a sponge throughout this journey.