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TICF INTERN JOURNEY: Nnenna Shares Skills She Has Learned

During the hiring process, TICF shared a clear picture of the work that would be performed. Thus, I took it upon myself to research Microsoft Visio, as I had no experience with the application. That slight introduction to Visio better prepared me when developing flowcharts for my narratives. Seeing the narrative in a flowchart format has made understanding the entire process so much easier.

In fact, process mapping was a foreign concept to me before my internship. To help me with the task, I’ve been using skills developed while reporting for my high school newspaper The Red Ledger. Channeling a research mindset and asking “why” questions during interviews with project contacts makes completing the task seem undaunting. 

While completing my assignments, a learning opportunity has presented itself that I will apply to my college coursework. The revision process has shown me that creating different versions for one project can assist with tracking progress. In the same fashion, completing multiple drafts help when finalizing any kind of assignment.

Overall, this internship is allowing me to hone my skills of organization and time management. Once the projects were presented to the interns, we had full ownership for completing the assignment. From scheduling meetings with business contacts to blocking time to plan out and write the narratives.

Additionally, just as I am learning how to use Microsoft applications, my institution, Spelman College, transitioned from Gmail to Outlook. The experience I have from using Outlook with TICF will be an asset when contacting faculty and setting up meetings with my peers when school resumes.