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TICF intern journey: Valuable Lessons Nnenna Has Learned This Summer

It is hard to imagine the corporate culture of a big company before joining its ranks. TICF prioritized sharing the culture and history of Toyota. From the first day on the job, I learned about everything…from the Toyota family to the core values and to Kaizen. Hearing about all these facets reminded me that there are real people behind these big companies, and it takes an innovative team to get things done. I started to notice Toyota vehicles on the road and more so appreciate them and the people who work behind the scenes to produce such great products. 

Overtime, TICF culture has shown itself to be very communication driven. The idea of active communication was even transferred to the intern group. This focus has resulted in the four of us getting to know each other on a personal level, despite not having ever met each other in person. We easily adopted the idea of active communication due to the effective communication we received from our leaders.

But communication is not the only business or life skill I will be taking with me at the conclusion of the program next week. Our leaders have equipped us with tools and skills to be successful throughout our professional careers.

The tool that most impacted me was the PXT Select Coaching Report. The purpose of the PXT Select Leadership Report is to look beyond the sum of a leader’s job experience to understand the approach they will bring forward to lead and inspire their teams. It provides valuable insight into how an individual might manage the challenges of a leadership position. I was able to explore my strength and weaknesses and come up with a game plan on how to grow and develop.

As I get ready to start my sophomore year at Spelman College, I plan on bringing the valuable experiences I have learned this summer both professionally and personally.