KRISTEN’s Reflections On Her First Month 

The opportunity to experience the Toyota culture in person is something for which I am grateful. As I reflect on my experience one month into my summer internship, the TICF community has resonated with me the most. I am enjoying having a hybrid internship in comparison to the virtual internship experience I had last summer. Meeting with others in person has been a great experience. I have built numerous connections via Teams, but nothing compares to interacting in person.

Additionally, the TICF Book Club has allowed me to meet even more people and learn from those around me. We are currently reading the book, The 10 Natural Laws of Successful Time and Life Management by Hyrum W. Smith. This book has provided me with numerous ways in which to better manage my time, leading me to a happier, more confident, and more fulfilled life.

The book and the team’s discussions have affected how I stay focused and motivated throughout the summer. For instance, each morning before I begin work, I create a daily task list. I make a list of everything that I would like to accomplish that day, including tasks that are not urgent. Then I prioritize them, thus increasing my efficiency and time management skills.

This new method, inspired by the TICF Book Club and Smith’s book, greatly improved my approach when tackling daily tasks. I know that I will continue to implement this process going forward.

I am grateful to the TICF community for teaching me in just one month life skills that will resonate with me forever. Looking forward to what the rest of the summer holds!