Forklift Electrification


Toyota Industries Commercial Finance is leading the charge to help you finance the cost of converting to an electric forklift fleet and facility. Electrification creates new opportunities to maximize productivity, become more sustainable, and reduce the total cost of equipment ownership—and as the proud lender for Toyota Forklifts, TICF is extending its offerings to ensure that our forklift customers can take advantage of these electrification benefits.

TICF recognizes that converting to electric is a significant undertaking, and we are committed to supporting businesses like yours in the transition from LP (liquid petroleum gas) to electric material handling equipment by creating specialty programs, structuring flexible financing solutions, and offering a team of licensed electricians dedicated to assisting you with the electrification of your facility.

    Specialty Programs

    TICF’s Electric Infrastructure Program supports electrifying forklift customers who are investing in the future of their business. The Electric Infrastructure Program offers eligible customers financing for the installation of wiring, additional electrical panels, and battery charging areas to accommodate the lease of new, battery-powered Toyota forklifts.

      Flexible Financing Solutions

      TICF extends several payment options for customers, each offering unique benefits and cost savings:

      • Balloon Options: Align project or cash flow needs with either a flex lease, graduated terms, or balloon options for a flexible installment structure that results in lower payments.
      • Quarterly or Bi-Monthly Invoicing: Make payments in a structure that creates workload savings for your accounting team.
      • Progress Payments: Structure longer-term projects with a progress payment structure to limit your initial expense.

         Interested in electrifying the future of your business? Contact your TICF Regional Sales Manager to learn more about electrifying your fleet and facility.