About Us

Our Vision

A Strong Foundation

At Toyota Industries Commercial Finance, Inc. (TICF), we seek to build community, connections, and belonging—within our company, with our dealers and customers, and with our community. We are committed to ensuring that everyone who interacts with TICF feels welcomed, valued, respected, and heard as we offer a more equitable and inclusive experience.

We do this by engaging the diverse talents and passions of people who are committed to helping carry the load, contributing to society, and striving for continuous improvement.


Be the financial services partner of choice to our dealers and customers by delivering innovative solutions that support the sustainable growth of TMH, Logistics, and HMS businesses.


Be Faithful to Your Duties

Thereby contributing to the company and the overall good of society.


Be Ahead of the Times

Through endless creativity, curiosity, and pursuit of improvement.

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Be Practical and Avoid Frivolity


Be Kind and Generous

Strive to create a warm, home-like atmosphere.


Be Humble

And show gratitude for things both great and small.